Services Provided


  • Short-term work using insight, cognitive and other mindfulness techniques to explore current stressors, identify reaction patterns and develop better coping strategies.
  • Longer term psychodynamic psychotherapy drawing on relational and mindfulness approaches as well as attachment theory for a deeper exploration of recurrent problem areas, their roots in the past and more successful ways of responding.
  • Substance abuse treatment, focusing on achieving and maintaining recovery, developing insight into triggers for abuse, and a range of relapse prevention strategies.

Whatever type of therapy is right for you, our work will significantly deepen your understanding of the emotional, cognitive and behavioral patterns that your life experiences have shaped. As you become steadily more aware of who you are and what you truly want, we will identify specific ways to overcome the painful thoughts and emotions creating obstacles in your way. The overall result of our work together will be more positive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving which will continue to grow over your life time.