About Barbara


  • Barbara KeelerTulane University, School of Social Work, M.S.W. cum laude.
  • Mass. Mental Health Center, research social worker studying the neuropsychology of depressions and manias.
  • North Essex Mental Health Center, Principal Clinical Social Worker providing evaluations and on-going individual, couples and group psychotherapy to a broad range of clients as well as supervision and emergency service coverage.
  • Boston Institute for Psychotherapy, certificate program for indepth individual and group psychodynamic psychotherapy.
  • McLean Hospital Appleton Outpatient Treatment Center, providing individual and group treatment of substance abuse.
  • Veterans' Administration, outpatient counselor treating war-related PTSD.
  • Independent study entitled “Living With Looks” examining the personal and interpersonal impact of physical appearance, presented at professional and public forums.

Treatment Approach

At heart, my therapy is psychodynamic and relational, viewing who we are today to be a result of all our life experiences and especially our interactions with the people we're closest to. Much of my understanding is based on attachment theory, a carefully researched framework identifying how relationship patterns evolve and impact behavior over time. To this core, I have added insights generated by modern scientific research into the mind and brain. Particularly useful information has come from studies into the nature of our emotions and what creates contentedness versus negativity, and into our mind's ability to improve itself by deliberately changing how we think. By blending the contributions from all these sources and more, I can offer a treatment approach to match each person's individual needs.